posted 1 day ago on Aug 21

I asked you what it was like to be dying
and you looked at me like I should know.
“We’ve been dying since birth,
it just didn’t show.”

When the doctors told you it was terminal
you told them they were making it into
“a bigger deal than it was” because
“life is always terminal.”
I laughed when you said that,
and you looked at me and winked.
No one else found it funny though.
They thought your cancer
was making you depressed.
And once again you said they were being overdramatic,
“Oh please, everything makes me depressed.”
And once again I laughed.
No one else found it funny.
No one ever did.

So Dad, I hope you understand my annoyance
at your funeral,
when they raved about your humor.
Because I know they stopped talking to you a while ago
and started talking to your tumor.

I was about to make a speech
and yell at them because you were my dad
and they only used you as a reason to cry.
But then I saw you standing at the back of the room
and it made me change my mind.

“My father was a brilliant man.
He was brilliant without cancer,
no less brilliant with.
He didn’t believe in suffering.
He believed in every day being
an undeserved gift.
He believed that dying was natural,
and it was only the absence of a soul
that made it sad.
And while life may be terminal,
Love is not.
And all this love is for you Dad,
beyond death do us part.”

- j.w. // Terminal (via perpetualpoem)
posted 1 day ago on Aug 21
posted 2 days ago on Aug 20
I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.
- Robin Williams (via wordsnquotes)
posted 2 days ago on Aug 20
posted 3 days ago on Aug 19
I’ve got weights around my ankles
labeled ‘all their expectations’
and I can barely lift my feet but
they still want to take me swimming.
posted 4 days ago on Aug 18
I am hard on myself. But isn’t it better to be honest about these things before someone else can use them against you? Before someone else can break your heart? Isn’t it better to break it yourself?
- Stephanie Perkins, Isla and the Happily Ever After (via quoted-books)
posted 4 days ago on Aug 18