I am not okay, but not okay is how I’ve learned to live.
- Don’t be fooled, M. L. L. (via gasaii)
posted 1 day ago on Oct 19
posted 1 day ago on Oct 19
Anonymous asked:
Hi! I love your blog and your work, but I just wanted to let you know that I can't view your FAQ, just an fyi. Maybe it's just me, sorry!

Hmm, you’re right. It doesn’t seem to be working anymore, at least not through the app. :/ Bugger. I’ll see what I can do about it later. Thank you for letting me know, and the compliment!

posted 1 day ago on Oct 19
TITLE: Good As Gold
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posted 1 day ago on Oct 19
posted 2 days ago on Oct 18
People always talk about how hard it can be to remember things - where they left their keys, or the name of an acquaintance - but no one ever talks about how much effort we put into forgetting. I am exhausted from the effort to forget… There are things that have to be forgotten if you want to go on living.
- Stephen Carpenter, Killer (via vrban)
posted 3 days ago on Oct 17